Printed Matter's Art Book Fair 2019

We have a number of things planned this year. Below you will find a list of events for the weekend, as well as, new release that will be available. Lots of new things this year and we couldn’t be more excited to show you.

Opening reception Thursday, 9/19 from 6 - 9pm at MoMA PS1. See you there!

Printed Matter was kind enough to ask us to host a Classroom Event this year on Saturday 9/21 from 7 - 8pm. Kyle Quinn, of Raw Meat Collective, will lead a panel discussion on “Punks in Press” and discuss what it means to be punk in our current climate. Below is more information about the panel.

Punk’s in Press, with Raw Meat Collective, #BlkGrlsWurld ZINE, Heinzfeller Nileisist, Irrelevant Press, and Pegacorn Press

Background: Publisher and artist Kyle Quinn presents a panel discussion on what it means to be punk and publish within our current climate and generation. Coming from a queer counter-culture and punk background, Quinn started Raw Meat Collective as a way to push artistic boundaries in print and art without censorship. Quinn invites New York publishers to discuss what punk is today, if punk is still alive, and how we push boundaries in our varied fields of print. The discussion will include topics of process, how artistic practices shift, and how we stay motivated in publishing. Publishers will be asked about the challenges they face within print, the future of punk, and their major influences along the way. Presented by Raw Meat Collective.


We will be hosting a book signing with artist Susan Carr to celebrate her new artist book “Tensions.” That will be on Saturday, 9/21 from 3-5pm. You can pre-order Susan’s book HERE before the book fair now.

New releases launching this year:

Inferno #2 featuring photographer Zak Krevitt
“Tensions” by Susan Carr
“Live, Love, Laugh” #2 by Kyle Quinn
”Gayrilla Biscuits” Bootleg T-Shirt Launch
Collaborative Project with Pegacorn Press