Gallery 102 Exhibition

We’re pleased to be included in the exhibition, From the Margins, at Gallery 102 in Washington, D.C. We have a selection of books on view and you can learn more about the exhibition below. Visit Gallery 102 for upcoming performances to be announced.

September 16 - November 15, 2019

Opening Reception: Friday September 20, 2019 // 6:00-8:00 pm (free and open to the public)

"From the Margins, opening Monday September 16 at Gallery 102, is a pivot away from the mythos of Mapplethorpe towards a notion of critique as care. Rooted in Glenn Ligon's response to Mapplethorpe's work, entitled Notes On the Margin of the Black Book, the exhibition frames critique as a method of opening up space, rather than foreclosing it. The artists on view, much like Ligon's 1992 work, wedge open the potential for critique to provide a more expansive field. The exhibition features 16 artists, a resource library, and a fully illustrated catalogue with over 10 contributors."