Saturday, September 21st, 10PM - 4AM
Live Performance by The Uhuruverse

Details From Inferno: From the start of NYC INFERNO, Quinn and RMC have supported the party in countless ways, including running our photo booth, designing our logo and publishing the first issue of the NYC INFERNO zine. This month, during the weekend of the annual NY Art Book Fair (9/20-22), we're throwing Raw Meat a dark and sexy celebration! There'll be a new basement installation, the brand new second issue of the NYC INFERNO zine available for purchase, and a very special midnight performance from THE UHURUVERSE, the incredible queer non-binary musician and performance artist behind the brilliant, urgent new LP WHO KILLED KENISHA? which was released in February.

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NYC INFERNO ISSUE #2 covers our infamous 2017 FUCK E. CHEESE party which skewered the famous party restaurants like Showbiz Pizza and Chuck E. Cheese from the 80s and 90s. For one night we turned our playspace into a dirty pizza pavilion complete with ball pit, ventriloquists, voguing rodents, competitive pizza eating and a bunch of sex. This 48-page zine features never-before-seen photos taken in the party's "Blue Ball Pit" by photographer Zak Krevitt and cheeky, sexy and poignant remembrances from the evening's participants, including DJ James Cerne, Butt Midler and Octavia Leona Kohner and more. Designed by frequent NYC INFERNO flyer designer Mikey Harmon, the INFERNO zine will be on sale at Raw Meat Collective's table at the NY Art Book Fair at MOMA PS1 (9/20-22) and at NYC INFERNO x RAW MEAT on 9/21. Plus pick up RAW MEAT COLLECTIVE's new zine, LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH! & other titles too.